Delivery and Pickup

When will your items be delivered?
We try to be as flexible as possible, so if you have any special requests please let us know. But,
due to very busy periods, changing schedules, the delivery schedule is not known until the
Wednesday prior to your event. You will be contacted by phone when we have scheduled your
delivery. Delivery times can vary from either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday prior to your
event. We ask that all lawn maintenance and preparation be done before Thursday to ensure
that your party is a success. A confirmation call will be made no later then the Wednesday
before your event to give a more specific delivery time frame. There is no "day before setup"
guarantee. You will not be charged any additional fee if we choose to deliver your items early.

Do you have delivery fees?

Delivery is available at a fee determined by know town. Deliveries are limited to a first floor
access only. Accommodations for second story/floor deliveries of any rented equipment must
be previously arranged before delivery date and/or a $50 fee will be charged at time of delivery. If
such arrangements are not previously made, customer is responsible for getting equipment to
and from first floor delivery point to avoid additional charges.

When will the items be picked up?
Pick-ups vary pending rental date. Pick-ups can be the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or
Thursday following your event.  A cleaning fee of $50 will be charged if equipment is not ready
for a scheduled pick up. Pick-up of all china, silver, utensils, and glass, etc., should be rinsed
and packaged in the same containers they were delivered to you. Linens should be refuse free
and dry to prevent problems. Tables and chairs must be knocked down and stacked ready for
pick-up. All items must be in a single location for pick-up.

What form of payment do we accept?
Cash or Check. We accept checks one month prior to event. On day of event, balance is
collected in cash. Please remit checks to Town and Country Party Rentals.

How much room do you need for a tent?
All areas where tents will be placed need to be free of debris, landscaping, etc. You need to have
at least 2 1/2 feet on each side of the tent for us to stake down into the ground. The highest point
of most of our tents is 13’ so there should be no overhead obstructions in the perimeter of the
tent up to 13’ high. We can install tents in smaller areas than that but please advise us so that
we can be prepared when the crew comes, and if necessary perform a site inspection. We do
install tents on decks and patios, however due to the unique configuration of each deck and
patio we must perform a site inspection.

Can a Tent be set up on pavement?
Town and Country provides a variety of tent options. We have Frame & Stake Tents. Frame tents
allow set-up on and over pavement, asphalt surfaces, flat grass surfaces as well as on decks.
While making a reservation we can advise which tent option is the best for your location.

What is the cancellation policy?
Tents have a 50% non-refundable policy.
You may cancel/change your reservation up to 14
days before the event. If you cancel or eliminate items any less than 14 days before the event
you will be responsible to pay 100% of the rental fee for those items, excluding any sales tax,
due to the unlikelihood of potential rentals on those reserved items.  At our discretion, we can
make exceptions due to family emergencies or unforeseen issues. We do not make exceptions
due to weather, good or bad.

Can items be added to your reservations?
Renter can at any time add additional items to their existing reservation pending availability.

Damage Policies
We will not be responsible for damages to any underground utilities or sprinkler systems.
Please notify Town and Country Party Rental of any systems, prior to staking or equipment.  
Any damages accrued equipment while in the renters possession will be the renter's
responsibility. Full cost of equipment replacement or repair will be charged to the renter. We will
not hold our customers responsible if the equipment is damaged by equipment failure. We are
will not be responsible for damages to grass or sod.
Stakes are used for our tents, and we will not be held responsible for any injuries.

Can you join together several tents?
Yes we can. Most tents can be attached. We utilize a rain gutter to attach the tents together so
that no rain will leak between the tents.

Can we use grills under the tent?
Although our tents are made of fire retardant fabric, we request that you do not grill under the
tents. For cooking purposes we do have smaller cook tents. Please inquire.

Can you install a tent in winter?
Yes, we install tents throughout the winter. The tents can be enclosed with sidewalls and heated.
Questions about Renting